£4 each or 3 for £10

Mixed olives/ roast smoked garlic 

Candied smoked Almonds/Rosemary salt        

Sweet cured herring/kumquat marmalade       

Pork scratchings/fennel salt/burnt apple         

Artisan breads    

Chorizo sausage roll


Courgette and its flower stuffed with chive cream cheese


BBQ Prawns in garlic and ‘no heat’ chilli butter


Creamy wild mushroom soup with White Truffle (add Stilton chunks £1)


Tuna niçoise  Soft boiled egg/ smoked tomatoes/green beans/olive dust
rocket from our garden



Aged Wagyu rib-eye steak

Green pepper Hollondaise/marrowbone poached field mushroom/confit tomatoes/roast onion (Add Smoked oysters £8 Lobster £8)


Chish and fips

Black onion Tempura Haddock/ salt and pickle onion chips/samphire scraps/mushys/ preserved lemon tartare 


3 little pigs

KuneKune sausage/cider braised belly/Fruit pig black pudding/crackling/savoy/ baked apple/ tarragon, soy and chicken butter  


Lobster mac n cheese 

Whole Lobster
White truffle/mozzarella, flamer, parmesan cheese


Lobster mac n cheese 

Half Lobster
White truffle/mozzarella, flamer, parmesan cheese


No Lobster mac n cheese 

White truffle/mozzarella, flamer, parmesan cheese – (V)


Shin and Shiraz Pie

Warm pea salad/port jus



Roasted on the pit with a cloche to char the skin and smoke/steam the flesh served with liquorice hollandaise and asparagus


Lamb shoulder steak

mutton chop/ parsnip yoghurt/ lemon gremolata


Smash Burger

Minced and seasoned to order/croissant roll/plastic cheese/pastrami burnt ends/3 onions


Cured Brisket

Pho broth/5 vegetables from the garden/fresh Thai herbs

£ 10.00

Chicken stack

Breast/cream cheese/basil/chunky smoked tomato ratatouille/burnt garlic



Fake and chips

Black onion Tempura banana blossom/ salt and pickle onion chips/samphire scraps/mushys/Katsu


Moroccan Vegan Mixed Grill

3 onions/confit tomatoes/chunky smoked tomato ratatouille/pea salad/parsnip yoghurt/burnt garlic with Moroccan flavours



Black Onion Rings
Garden Herb Fries

Truffle and parmesan fries  £4.50

Salt and pickle onion Chips
Artisan breads and butter 

Freshly picked salad & dressing  £4.50

We use nut oil in the preparation of many of our dishes.

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